Having recognise Coal as a key strategic energy resource, CBI has developed a unique technology platform that processes the coal not only into clean power generation with near zero discharge but also, via integration of a few breakthrough technologies, into production of methane, ammonia, steam and sulphur, which in turn become feedstock for production of methanol, methanol based downstream derivatives, urea/chemical fertilisers and other products.

Coal Poly Generation – CPG

98% reduction in emission when compare to traditional coal fired power plant. Maximize utilization of the coal resources/feedstock.

Waste Water Treatment

CPG Industrial Complex has incorporated one of the world most advanced industrial scale waste water treatment facility that applies forward osmosis technology to achieve zero discharge.

Enhanced Chemical Fertilisers

Enhanced chemical fertilisers production for better plant health and yields. Supplement with Bio-Organic fertilisers for Soil Remediation.

Strategic multi facets value enhancements
  • Coal Based Clean Energy and Chemical productions would form part of the country's Energy Security measures as well as a viable alternative energy source & support to industrial chemical economic activities.

  • When the CPG Industrial complex is deployed, not only the country's has a clean energy production source, the local communities will have access to in country production of urea, as well as additional coal chemical industries.

  • As part of CBI’s sustainable agricultural practices, CBI intend to produce premium chemical fertilisers utilizing the urea produced to be enhanced with special micro nutrients/trace elements that have a proven track records of improving yield and nutritional values in food/cash crops.