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Company Profile

The Group own and operate an existing Coal Poly Generation ("CPG") Industrial Complex since 2005, and currently have CPG projects under development with combined capacity of 5,800 MW globally.

Working in tandem with our associated Infrastructure & Energy Private Equity Fund (“IEPE”), which has access to US$ 20B of committed funding for deployment of CPG projects, our Group's Public Private Partnership ("PPP") Program shall provide the structured collaborative platform for the


country’s policy makers to consider and thus, revitalising existing. Coal based Power Plants, creation of Clean Coal-Green Chemical Industries, encourage new high tech jobs creation and form part of the country's power security policy.

Within CBI’s Public Private Partnership Program, we take pride in industry wide collaboration with local SMEs and social Enterprises to spur sustainable economic growth across Energy, Agriculture, Food and Industrial sectors.

Core Green Technologies that spur wealth creation

Coal Poly Generation

Build, Operate and Own or Build Operate and Transfer of CPG Industrial Complex which can be operated on its own or/and integrated/incorporated into existing industries that demand high power usage such as Steel mills, Cement Plants, Natural Gas based down stream industrials, Petrochemical plants and Petrol refinery.

Hydration Technology Innovations

Forward Osmosis based Large Scale water treatment with Breakthrough Sustainable Solutions for Clean water recycling and processing/production of clean water sources.


A Public Private Partnership Program for Integrated Waste Treatment and Bio-Organic fertilisers Facilities.



Focus Markets and Structured Finance Foundation

Energy, Renewable Energy, Coal-Based

  • Coal Poly Generation Power and Industrial Complex
  • Integrated Renewable Energy Plant (Wind, Solar)
  • Desalination Plants into Industrial Scale Desalination Plant
  • Integrated Bio-Gas Power Plant
  • Bio-Ethanol Plant (Cassava)
  • Bio-Refinery (for Tocotrienol) , Bio-Diesel Plant (Palm Oil)


  • Natural Gas-Methanol Plant, Methanol downstream derivatives
  • Integrated CPG DRI Industrial Complex
  • Chemical Fertilisers Plant
  • C1 Chemical Derivatives Plant


  • Retrofit, upgrade existing Coal fired Power Plant into CPG
  • Integrated Organic Waste Treatment & Bio-Organic Fertiliser Plant
  • Waste Water Treatment Complex
  • Desalination Plants
  • Green Palm Oil Complex

Infrastructure & Energy Private Equity

  • Structured Finance
  • Public Private Partnership Investment Management
  • Follow on fund raise and debt restructuring