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Major Impact for Local Economy

Typical CPG Industrial Complex.

  • Site – approx 200 Ha
  • Expected Project Cost US$ 2.5B
  • with Power generation Capacity of 600 MW whereby an excess of 300MW is available for connection to Grid
  • Expected Methanol production 0.6 mil MT per year
  • Expected Urea production of 1.2 mil MT per year
  • Expected Steam production of 1.9 mil MT per year
  • 20-24 months construction period


FDI of US$2B with approx. US$ 5B – US$ 6B of knock-on economic effect for the local economy.

Development of supporting and service industries for the Industrial complex, potential development of down stream industries, port facilities, Bulk Storage Tanks Farm, housing and commercial centres.

Creation of > 1500 Skilled and semi Skilled workforce in the Industrial Hub and expect GNI of US$ 400 mil per year for this Public Private partnership initiative.